Auditions and callbacks

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Auditioning can be a nervous and difficult process.

Here are some tips to help your audition go smoothly:

  • Try to do a some research on the show before coming into the audition. The more you know about the show and the characters, the better your audition will go.

  • What to Wear: For the audition wear something that is modest and comfortable.

  • Make sure you that have your song well prepared and that you have the music (either backing tracks or sheet music) that is required.

  • Relax! The director and casting crew in the audition room want you to do well. Everyone’s cheering for you!

  • Several days after auditions, a 'call back' list or cast list will be posted on this website with the names of the people who we would like to see again. Don't be upset if you're not on this list, it doesn't mean you weren't a good actor, it just means maybe you weren't the right fit for this show's cast. Keep auditioning, there's bound to be the perfect role for you in the future!

Things to note when auditioning for Loleks:

  • You don't have to have any experience in acting or theater to audition for one of our shows. 

  • Make sure to look at each individual casting call to see what you need to have prepared.

  • Your audition may be filmed to help the director and casting crew while casting.

  • Lolek's Storytellers is a Christian company, we pray before rehearsals, cast and crew is invited but not required to join.