Auditions and callbacks

The Hunchback of Notre Dame Auditions

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Auditions in 15min slots
Sept. 9th, 6-8pm @ Atlanta Hollywood Studios
(2230 Towne Lake Pkwy Building 800, Suite 140, Woodstock, GA 30189)
Sept. 11th, 3-4:30pm @ The Canton Historic Theatre
(171 E Main St, Canton, GA 30114)

Ages: 16yrs and up
Please prepare a 1min section of a Broadway song with instrumental backing tracks. 

Sept. 13th, 6-8pm @ The Canton Historic Theatre


Performing 2 weekends, November 18-27
@ The Canton Historic Theatre

Rehearsals in Woodstock/Kennesaw/Canton on Sunday afternoons, Monday and Friday evenings.


(Characters may be cast outside of age)

Claude Frollo

Archdeacon of Notre Dame Cathedral and the most powerful cleric in Paris, he is the reluctant caretaker of Quasimodo. He will do whatever it takes to rid the city of the Roma “vermin,” even as he lusts after Esmeralda. Calculating, manipulative, and obsessive. 

Gender: Male

Age: 40 to 50

Vocal range top: D4

Vocal range bottom: E2

Jehan Frollo

Claude’s reckless younger brother. With Florika, he fathers Quasimodo, who he leaves in his brother’s care. Wild, passionate, and strong-willed. 

Gender: Male

Age: 20 to 30

Vocal range top: Eb4

Vocal range bottom: G#2


A Romani woman and Quasimodo’s mother.

Gender: Female

Age: 20 to 30

Vocal range top: F5

Vocal range bottom: C#4

Father Dupin

A priest of Notre Dame and Claude and Jehan’s guardian.

Gender: Male

Age: 40 to 60

Vocal range top: A4

Vocal range bottom: C4


The deformed bell-ringer of Notre Dame and Claude Frollo’s charge. Lonely and staunchly obedient to Frollo, he possesses a vivid imagination that brings to life the bells and gargoyles of the cathedral. Despite his shyness and uncertainty, he quickly befriends Esmeralda. Big-hearted, and brave when need be.

Gender: Male

Age: 20 to 30

Vocal range top: Bb4

Vocal range bottom: Bb2

Clopin Trouillefou

The clever and charismatic King of the Roma. An air of mystery surrounds Clopin, who often leaves the scene in a puff of smoke. As the master of ceremonies for the Feast of Fools, he is witty and playful, but he boasts a darker, serious nature when not performing for the crowd.

Gender: Male

Age: 30 to 40

Vocal range top: G4

Vocal range bottom: C3

Captain Phoebus de Martin

Returning to Paris after serving in the war, Phoebus takes up his new position as Captain of the Cathedral Guard. Overconfident yet charming, this handsome, strong soldier makes the ladies swoon, yet his moral compass is also strong, and he openly defies the corrupted Frollo.

Gender: Male

Age: 25 to 40

Vocal range top: Ab4

Vocal range bottom: Ab2

Lieutenant Frederic Charlus - Non-singing

Lieutenant of the Cathedral Guard and loyal friend to Phoebus.

Gender: Male

Age: 20 to 30


A beautiful and free-spirited Romani woman who possesses the strong sense of justice and morality that Frollo lacks. Compassionate, she frees Quasimodo from the frenzied mob at the Feast of Fools and, against her better judgment, falls for the cocky Phoebus.

Gender: Female

Age: 20 to 30

Vocal range top: Db5

Vocal range bottom: Eb3

King Louis XI

King of France, nicknamed the Prudent.

Gender: Male

Age: 40 to 50


Gender: Any
Age: 16 +

Things to note when auditioning for Loleks

  • You don't have to have any experience in acting or theater to audition for one of our shows. 

  • Make sure to look at each individual casting call to see what you need to have prepared.

  • Your audition may be filmed to help the director and casting crew while casting.

  • Lolek's Storytellers is a Christian company, we pray before rehearsals, cast and crew is invited but not required to join

Auditioning can be a nervous and difficult process

Here are some tips to help your audition go smoothly:

  • Try to do a some research on the show before coming into the audition. The more you know about the show and the characters, the better your audition will go.

  • What to Wear: For the audition wear something that is modest and comfortable.

  • Make sure you that have your song well prepared and that you have the music (either backing tracks or sheet music) that is required.

  • Relax! The director and casting crew in the audition room want you to do well. Everyone’s cheering for you!

  • Several days after auditions, a 'call back' list or cast list will be posted on this website with the names of the people who we would like to see again. Don't be upset if you're not on this list, it doesn't mean you weren't a good actor, it just means maybe you weren't the right fit for this show's cast. Keep auditioning, there's bound to be the perfect role for you in the future!