Meet The Team

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Dani Dickinson

Founder, Director

Dani Dickinson founded Lolek's Storytellers in 2010 and has since directed many musicals and events with them. She attended film school for a year in California before returning to Atlanta to pursue professional film and theatre locally. 

Dani is a cardholder with the Local IATSE 927 and works as a professional stage hand on local and touring shows around Atlanta. 

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Erika Fasselt
Assistant Director

Erika Fasselt joined the Lolek's Storytellers in the summer of 2011 as Assistant Props Manager. In 2013, she stepped up to the role of Assistant Director, where she's worked since. Erika has worked on choreography, coaching actors, staging, and sound operating with Lolek's, among other things. 


Erika has been dancing for seventeen years with experience in ballet, tap, contemporary, modern, and ballroom dance. Erika is an Education Major at KSU and teaches dance at several studios.

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Sophia Dickinson
Music Director

Sophia Dickinson has been acting with Lolek's Storytellers since their beginning in 2010 and has been involved in every Lolek's show. 

She's worked as an outside hire music director for Lassiter High Schools afterschool drama program. 

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Rachel Fasselt

Team Member

Rachel Fasselt has been acting with Lolek's Storytellers since 2011 and has been in every show since then. She starred in both productions of The Wizard of Oz as Dorothy Gale, and played the role of Goran in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Rachel has gotten involved in crew work with Lolek's more recently, assisting with choreography and production management.

Rachel is currently studying Television Production at Chattahoochee Tech.