Sponsorship Opportunities

If you are interested in sponsoring us, please go HERE
For Tech Equipment Donations, please go HERE

Fall and Spring Show Sponsorships:

LEVEL 1 - $100

  • A poster in the lobby with your company’s information (if requested)

  • Shout out from the stage before each show

  • Two complimentary tickets to our show

  • Color full-page ad in our program

  • Shout out on our Little Shop Musical Facebook page and our Official Lolek’s Storytellers Facebook Page

LEVEL 2 - $70

  • Shout out from the stage before each show

  • Four discounted General Admission tickets to a show ($7 off per ticket!)

  • Color full-page sized ad in our program

  • Shout out on our Show Facebook page

LEVEL 3 – $50

  • Two discounted General Admission tickets ($7 off per ticket!)

  • Color half-page sized ad in our program

  • Shout out on our Show Facebook page

LEVEL 4 - $30

  • Color business card sized ad in our program.

  • Shout out on our Show Facebook page


  • One or two sentence ‘Shout out’ in our program.


Tech Equipment Donations

These donations will be used in our productions for years!
~We always appreciate your support~


  • Choir Microphones - $75/each
    These mics are hung above the stage and will allow all onstage lines and singing to be better heard 
    (2 total needed)


  • Boundary Microphones - Thank you Monica White for your donation!


  • Light Board/Laptop Adapter: DMX King - $190
    This adapter allows all the lights onstage to be controlled by a computer. It controls both dimmers and LED lights.


  • DMX Dimmer Box - $170
    This lighting box allows us to control different types of lights onstage, specifically any 'practicals', lights that are seen onstage as part of the set. 


  • Gaff Tapes/Spike Tapes - $15/roll
    These expensive tapes are used in every production to tape down cables, fix props, and mark set piece locations around the stage. These tapes are designed specifically for film and theatre productions. 


  • Lolek's Production Box - $115
    We have to load in to a theatre for every show we produce. This involves building our set, hanging lights and microphones, setting up the dressing rooms and backstage props.
    We need a stacking tool box where we can easily organize and transport all of the tools and expendables we'll need for our load in and show runs.